Weekly Inspiration

Sorry it’s been so many days since my last post! It’s been a crazy hectic week of leaving jobs and internships & finishing graduate school to move on to new an exciting adventures! I’ll try to be more consistent with posts going forward! And will finally have some traveling to talk about!

There’s been an awful lot of inspiration this week! Here’s a look at some of the things that almost ruined my credit score.

1. NCL – 7 Day Cruise from Copenhagen to Norway.

Lately I’ve had a major itch go on another cruise and to visit Norway, but it hadn’t really occurred to me to put those two together. I was perusing the new Norwegian Cruise Line brochure and my curiosity for their European cruises peaked. A few years ago, Robert and I began thinking about our honeymoon and one of the original suggestions was to go on a European cruise. Immediately following a wedding, this seemed more stressful than just picking a few cities to visit, so we put it on the back burner. When I went to the NCL website, I discovered they had several options for a cruise to Norway! Well, it’s been a mental planning session ever since.


Let’s go Fjord hopping together!

2. Glamping.

I love camping. I used to go all the time when I was in high school and early years of college. There’s something to sleeping outdoors. Some of my best nights’ sleep have been in a tent. However, I’ve never really been able to fully embrace the not being able to shower for a few days at a time thing. Glamping seems to be the best of both worlds, and I’m more than a little obsessed with looking at pictures of it on Pinterest.


#DreamHome Anyone?

3. Snaps!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, SnapChat Live Story Feeds are always inspiring. They are mini-reminders that people around the world are different in beautiful ways, but also not so different as we’d think.


4. Kings Landing, Croatia.

Dubrovnik seems to be a trending topic among the travel sites I follow, and among my friends who are enjoying their summer Eurotrips. As a relative newbie to travel, I have to admit that until recently, Croatia had never really been on my radar (a huge mistake on my part, I’m realizing rapidly).  This is changing with haste, and not just because I’m more than a little in love with Game of Thrones. Croatia looks as close to Paradise as one can get, and I want to be in those glistening blue waters as soon as possible, please?


Me and Cersei will definitely be enjoying some wine together while becoming new BBF’s.

5. Last, but most definitely not least – my Italian honeymoon.

This coming Monday, August 3rd is my 1 year wedding anniversary to Robert. So, Tuesday is the anniversary of our departure to one of the most magical trips I’ve ever been on. We spent over 2 weeks in Italy, visiting Rome, Florence, and Venice. Leaving Italy was heart wrenching, I could have stayed there forever – improved my Italian and eaten carbs like it was my job. Without question we will return one day, but until then I will just keep flipping through our beautiful pictures…

If you're considering locations for a honeymoon, I HIGHLY recommend Italy. Absolutely the best trip I've taken to date.

If you’re considering locations for a honeymoon, I HIGHLY recommend Italy. Absolutely the best trip I’ve taken to date.

Thanks for reading & I look forward to hearing what inspired your wanderlust this week!