No, you’re a Disney Addict!

Ahoy, my friends! & Happy Holidays!


Disney’s Winter Summerland Mini Golf


With the holiday season winding down, my summer-baby soul is starting to miss balmier climates. So, it seems as good a time as any to revisit our trip to Florida this past October.

A Very Vero Vacation Kickoff!

Planning a weekend at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort before all the pre-scheduled vacation craziness, was ingenious. I hadn’t realized how badly I needed to step away from my daily routine, until I breathed my first breath of salty, humid Florida air. A relaxing weekend at the beach (Disney style) was exactly what I needed to help re-ground myself.

I really had no idea what to expect from a Disney beach resort. I wasn’t quite sure it would feel like… well,… Disney. I should have known that Disney would never disappoint.. and sure enough, it did not.

My only regret (if one were to be had) was that we couldn’t stay longer (although, if we’d known then what a disaster company Carnival Cruise Line is, we definitely would have spent the remainder of the week… a different blog post for a different day). In fact, I’m fairly certain the first words out of my mouth upon arrival were, “Uh oh, Robert. I smell a tradition brewing.”



Robert isn’t much of a ‘relaxer’ on vacation. He, typically, doesn’t enjoy laying on a beach for hours or sitting by a pool. He’s an ‘up and at em’ kinda guy – which is great. But, for this particular part of the journey, I was really hoping for a weekend of mindless beach and pool lazing. Luckily, Vero provides a healthy mix of activity and relaxation – and we never even had to leave property. (Huzzah! No extra driving for this NYC commuter!)


Robert and I by no means took advantage of all the resort had to offer. We spent most of our time on the beach, by the pool, at the Green Cabin Room, or playing mini-golf. For some reason, I don’t remember researching the recreation all that much before we went, and didn’t realize until it was too late that we could have rented bikes or played tennis. We also, always seem to miss the campfire s’mores.. Oh well, next time!

When we were there in October, Vero had three on-site restaurants – ‘Bleachers’, a poolside, quick service; ‘The Green Cabin Room’, a bar/lounge; and ‘Shutters’, a casual/formal, sitdown restaurant. However, they were undergoing renovations while we were there, and the website suggests that these have changed since then – Shutters and Bleachers seem to have been replaced with ‘Wind & Waves Grill’, which has a marketplace available for quick service, take-away.

Truthfully, the renovations didn’t affect our trip at all. We liked the Green Cabin Room, because there was always some sort of activity happening. Trivia night was so much fun (which was a pleasant surprise because I’m really not much of a joiner usually). We even won a round! Go ‘Team Good-Not-Great!’ (My idea.)

The menu offers a good variety of pub-grubby things and the views can’t be beat – to say nothing of the incredible bartenders who work there (shout out to Nikki/Nicole & Trevor!)

Ughhh.. Can we just go back already?

PS: I HIGHLY recommend the Habañero Lime Margarita and the Rye Manhattan. Robert really enjoyed the Pimm’s Punch.

I’m finding it difficult to express just how much I loved my time at Vero Beach. Since returning, I haven’t stopped daydreaming about my little hotel suite with balcony or my bar stool overlooking the Atlantic Treasure Coast. I can’t stop closing my eyes and trying to recreate the feeling of Florida’s hot, humid air on my shoulders, or the smell of the seabreeze. There are very few places in the world that feel more like home than home, but Vero has become one of those places for me after just one brief visit… and I am counting the days until I get to go back.