Weekly Inspiration

I’d like to start a new posting series, where once a week (probably on a weekend) I’ll post a few things that gave me inspiration throughout the week. I can’t remember where I got the idea from, but I think it’s great. I find travel inspiration all over the place, and I love the idea of sharing that with my new and growing community.

1. First and foremost, our upcoming trip is a major source of my wanderlust inspiration this week. As you can probably tell from my last post, my mind is running wild with all the things I’d love to do and see. I’ve begun working on packing organization and prep, which will likely be the next post on the blog, and started buying any items that we’ll need or want to bring with us.

Getting excited just looking at this welcome sign!

Getting excited just looking at this welcome sign!

2. Talking with Brenna about our upcoming trip to Maine! Things are still fairly up in the air but it looks like we’ve finally nailed down a date, and will, hopefully, be embarking on an exciting weekend adventure to someplace new (for me at least) the last weekend in August. Brenna loves all things cold and I love all things hot, so it’s not very often we can agree on ideal vacation locations — as of now my favorite state remains Florida and Brenna’s is eternally Maine. Nonetheless, Maine looks beautiful from all the pictures I’ve seen and the idea of sharing something as special as Maine is to her, with her is inspiring me and my travel bug in many ways. Maybe Alaska’s next?

I mean, c'mon! How beautiful is this?!

I mean, c’mon! How beautiful is this?!

3. Pinterest is a dangerous place for the weak of focus. This picture taken on a deck of a dinner boat in Cairo is just … I mean it’s just … It speaks for itself, doesn’t it? This photo is giving me intense visions of me sitting on one of those leathery upholstered chairs, enjoying the cold air off the water, and watching the sunset. Let’s leave now, shall we?

Here. Let's go here?

Here. Let’s go here?

4. A volunteer trip to Tanzania, perhaps? I intern at a pretty incredible international volunteer organization, and sadly that internship is coming to an end at the end of next week. However, as part of my ‘perks’ for working with them for the last few months, I have earned credit toward one of their truly incredible volunteer programs, and I’m feeling a really strong pull toward Tanzania. Something about volunteering in the shadow of the infamous Kilimanjaro is more than enticing. It would be so good for me to get out of my comfort zone and visit someplace entirely new, not as a tourist, and basically on my own (with the exception of other volunteers, who would be strangers, and the organization’s staff). Definitely food for thought.



5. Something about this quote really resonated with me. I know that all these pinteresty quote pictures can get a little cheesy, but every once and a while one really speaks to me. This is one of those.

What would inspiration be without pinspiration?

What would inspiration be without pinspiration?

What inspired you this week? Thanks for reading, and I look forward to you sharing!

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