Tentatively, Maine.

If you follow my twitter at all, you’ve likely gotten a glimpse into my ADD. Lately, I’ve posted a few “Polyvore Sets” (For those of you not in the know, basically this.. [see picture]) for a tentative weekend trip to Maine at the end of the summer.

My best friend loves Maine. Her and her family go every summer, and this year her beloved family vacation was cut short due to work requirements. As far as I’m concerned, there was nothing particularly special or different about her annual trip to Maine, apart from my anxiety about her last few months in the states before she moves to England for a year to finish graduate school. Daily, I received pictures of her enjoying Maine’s lush piney greenery, rolling oceans, Dooney & Bourke factory store, and her parents’ lobster rolls.


Suddenly realizing how hard next year is going to be without receiving my daily Snapchats or pictures I’ve grown so accustomed to since she moved from New York to DC last year, or being able to pick up the phone to chat whenever we’d like, and actually going for extended periods of time without one of us visiting the other… I became overwhelmed by the feeling that I need to experience Maine with my pal before embarks on her new life across the pond.


Those who know me know what happens next.. I “suggest” we visit. Most of the time, people in my life respond with a snicker and a,”…Yeah ((sigh)), Wouldn’t that be nice?” And the me’s of the world have already packed (at least on Polyvore). My best buddy on the other hand is similarly packed and is searching for hotels probably as we speak (type? read? don’t be so literal, you know what I’m trying to say). The only roadblock we’re currently facing is coordinating weekends between my last month as a graduate student in New York, her brief move back to New York, and her big move over to London.

This is by way of saying, look out for some additional posts on Maine! If you’ve ever been, or if you’re from Maine, please share what you love about the Pine Tree State, or any suggestions you might have on things to do! 🌲

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