Where to first?

As you can probably already tell, I love traveling. I’ll take it in all shapes and sizes, and because of my husband’s work schedule we’re pretty limited on when we can travel.

Rob insists on making a stop at Silver Diner for a Nutella Banana Milkshake whenever we are in DC! Then some fun wedding selfies and monument pictures for good measure!

Back in March we visited Washington D.C., easily one of our favorite cities, for a good friend’s wedding. We realized that quick little weekend trips might be a nice way to fill our summer with travel and quell that aforementioned buzzing in our brains, without interrupting Rob’s work schedule too much. We talked on the way home about all the little trips we wanted to achieve this summer, and almost within seconds our brilliant idea about quick weekend trips turned into a basically planned 8 days in Florida… whoops.

Photos from my first trip to FL in 2010. Don’t worry the shark is fake 🙂

Our plans began the derailing process right as we started talking about our first year wedding anniversary. We decided we would begin in Amelia Island, Florida – such a unique and beautiful part of the state. It doesn’t feel like so much of the rest of Florida, in the sense that you will be hard pressed to find a strip mall or big box store anywhere near the main drag. You will, however, find warm ocean waters, beautiful sandy beaches, remnants of Colonial influences, horse and carriage rides, and lots of surf gear clad locals.

We go to Orlando about once a year – Rob went to college near there and one of my best friends moved down to work for the Mouse – so, I assumed we would avoid it on this particular trip… until, hubby said, “Why would we go to Florida and not visit Disney World?” I’m 100% a kid at heart and I will never turn down a chance to visit the happiest place on earth… Not even when we already planned to go at the end of September for, what is in my humble opinion, the best time to visit Orlando – Disney’s Food & Wine Festival and Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights (25th anniversary!). And thusly, Orlando became the next stop on our trip.

Then, we decided we should go someplace new and we’d heard lots of good things about the Tampa Bay Area. I can’t really say too much about Tampa because we have zero plans once we arrive and we’ve never been before!

Me and Rob last October at Food & Wine and Halloween Horror Nights

There’s lots of things that I find particularly exciting about this trip:

  1. We leave mere hours after I finish my last ever class as a graduate student, HURRAY!
  2. We will be celebrating a pretty spectacular 1st year of marriage.
  3. Apart from our time in Orlando, we have absolutely no set plans for Amelia Island or Tampa, and our whole trip is open for us to be spontaneous and explore or relax or whatever. Truthfully, we would have liked not to plan Orlando either, but summer is a busy time of year and without fast passes it can be quite difficult to do or see the things you want – including getting dining reservations at places you’d like to eat (which for me is just about everywhere… eating is one of the best parts of traveling, isn’t it?)

So, that’s trip #1 – Amelia Island, Orlando, and Tampa.

Trip #2 is, as I mentioned, at the end of September. We will be returning to Orlando for an exciting 3 day weekend of Food & Wine festivities at Epcot and a fearfilled night of Halloween Horror Nights 25!

Trip #3 is the big one! The day after Thanksgiving Robert and I will be traveling to Munich, Germany and London, England to visit the Christmas Markets (a dream of mine!) and visit my best buddy who’s moving to London for the year to finish her graduate studies.

I hope you stick around as I share my process for planning and preparing for our upcoming adventures. I can’t wait to continue filling you in on our plans and hope that you will share your travel plans and adventures with me!

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