Wonderings of a Wandering Mind…

Hi! I’m PJ and I love to travel. It’s virtually all I think about all day long while I try to navigate through my life of graduate school, internships, and work.

You see, it all started back in 2009. I’d never stepped foot inside an airport, let alone a plane, before then. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up and traveling certainly wasn’t a priority. Having never been anywhere, I didn’t know that I would want to see so many new places, until my adviser in my history program dragged me to Paris for two weeks to study revolutionary France.

Since then, there’s been a constant buzzing in my brain wondering where I’m off to next, if I’ll be able to afford to travel forever, if I can afford to travel now, what kind of suitcase is best, what on earth is a packing cube and why do I want 500 of them so badly, how do I pack for 8 days of winter weather conditions in a 20 inch suitcase, to check or not to check, converting US measurements to metric, and on and on until husband is left rocking back and forth in a corner and throwing credit cards my way to shut me up. I’m kidding… Kind of. 

So I decided I should probably get an outlet. That’s where you come in. Here I hope to share with you my process for thinking of, planning and preparing for travel, and traveling.

Additionally, I hope this becomes a community where fellow travel lovers and wanderlusts share their experiences with me. Again, I’m pretty new to the world of travel and I know I have a lot left to learn and hope this can be a place where I’ll be able to do that. But be nice. The internet doesn’t need to be a place for judgments and meanness.

I look forward to meeting you all!

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